Hockey done right

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Ed. note: As you guys may or may not have noticed, I know very little about hockey. But that hasn’t stopped me from being a longtime Stars fan. Now, I try to keep this blog as much about sports as possible without all the talking heads content mostly because ESPN has like 50 channels now. But there’s one exception to this rule and that’s hockey. ESPN has nothing on me or better yet B-Kizzle. The man knows his shit.

So I asked Senor Kizzle to provide us with some analysis on our Dallas Stars’ matchup against the Detroit Red Wings (what the hell are Red Wings anyways? Sure hope it’s not the urbandictionary definition…) and here’s what transpired.

Not since 2000 have I been watching the NHL playoffs so intently in May. And even better, I know that the assholes in Anaheim are bored right now because of the team I follow, and the same for San Jose (just kidding, Shark Tank, you guys stay classy).


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A-Rod is also a crybaby.

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Since I’ve never been apart of child birth, at least not on the catching end, I don’t know much about it. Hollywood and Santa Claus believers tend to think it’s beautiful, magical and a positively life changing experience. But I know that in reality, the creature that comes out resembles more of an alien than a human. Which begs the question, will he/she be so gross that he/she will cause me to hurl or in A-Rod’s case, faint?

But then again, karma may have finally caught up to him and the baby looks something like this: UPDATE: New better pic!

Karma is a bitch.
I’m awesome at photoshop.

Back with a bang

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There has been a lack of posts the last three weeks which is like three years in blog time. But don’t worry dear readers, Practice and Playoffs? is very much alive. In fact, I may have a few guest writers on so that I can build my fortune and cash a $360,000,000,000 check.

Even though I’ve been busy with school and have stopped updating, don’t think I haven’t been paying attention. In the last 24 hours, there really has only been one thing on my mind: BRENDAN MORROW!

Captain of the Stars
What a stud…

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Jose likes softball

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During the commercial breaks yesterday of the Suns-Spurs game, I was flipping through different channels and caught Jose Canseco on The Best Damn Sports Show. Now like I said, I was merely channel surfing so please don’t judge me and insult my taste in my choice of TV shows. (In fact, I’d like to think I have good taste in what I watch, two of my favorites came back from the writer’s strike yesterday.)

But as I was saying, Canseco was on a terrible FOX show, (surprise right?) and the questions that you expected were asked. “Did A-Rod really cheat on your wife?”, “Do you stand by your statement that A-Rod used steroids?”, blah blah blah. Other than coming of like the complete douchebag that we all know and love, he seemed to try to come off as the victim because baseball has “black-balled him”. Continue reading

Postseason disappointment

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Since I’m a pretty die hard Braves fan and longtime Stars fan, I’m pretty much immune to postseason heartbreaks. And no I’m not whining about why my teams always get so close and lose because I realize Pirates, Browns, and fans of other annual doormat teams would trade places with me any day.

But after jumping on the Memphis bandwagon after they beat the Longhorns, that championship game for the ages was a little upsetting. That may or may not have to do with my recent man crush admiration I’ve developed for Derrick Rose but to see them lose on free throws made me want to hurl.

Guys, seriously? Free throws? I never understood why even some NBA players have so much trouble with free throws, and I think we would all agree that it’s definitely one of the easiest parts of basketball. And for a team like Memphis to collectively suck at the line is just mind boggling. I mean come on, even a little girl can do it. Although, making 84 out of 100 is damn impressive. Way to go Libby. Continue reading

Making up for last week

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Aside from the great weekend of games, last week was a pretty slow sports week both in news and in relevant games. Here’s a rundown of my favorite stories from last week.

  • By now you’ve probably all seen these photos of Matt Leinart partying with 19 and 20 year old coeds. A lot of people made a big deal about this, saying how this isn’t the way a franchise QB is supposed to act blah blah. But seriously, let the man be! He really hasn’t done jack in the NFL so who knows if he’ll be around much longer. Before you know it, he’ll end up just like any other douche partying it up with underagers. The real question we should be asking is what the hell is Nick Lachey doing at these parties? You’re 34 man, about time to move on from the frat days. And in case you thought, Matt is discriminatory, well he likes guys too. On a sidenote, Alex Smith decided to do his best Leinart impression. Again another prospect that hasn’t done jack. Continue reading

Final four wrapup

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Wow. What a weekend. I’m really surprised that I got any work done.

What an amazing final four. What a slate of NBA games. What did I do this weekend? Well you guys get the picture.

The first ever “all four #1 seeds” final four did not disappoint. Once everyone got past the mystique of UCLA and their 11 national titles, anyone who’s seen this Memphis team play this season will quickly realize that these Tigers are no pushover. Their swagger, their attitude and their confidence are all apart of who they are. These Tigers have really bought into Coach John Calipari’s war cry of “no one believes in us”.

I’ve said this many times and I will say it again. College basketball is all about guard play. It’s really as simple as if you have the best guards playing the right style, you have a real good shot of winning it all. And the Tigers have just that with Derrick Rose and CDR.

Assuming Rose enters this year’s NBA draft, he should be the #1 pick. So listen up Miami, Seattle, Minnesota or whichever team ends up with the #1 pick. Don’t make the same mistake the Hawks’ and Bucks’ made in the 2005 draft when they passed on Chris Paul and Deron Williams. Sure Michael Beasley is a hell of a player in his own right but Derrick Rose has “sure thing superstar” written all over him. And the best part: it’s all happening in front of our very eyes. I can’t wait to see him play in tonight’s game and in the NBA. Continue reading