Jose likes softball

During the commercial breaks yesterday of the Suns-Spurs game, I was flipping through different channels and caught Jose Canseco on The Best Damn Sports Show. Now like I said, I was merely channel surfing so please don’t judge me and insult my taste in my choice of TV shows. (In fact, I’d like to think I have good taste in what I watch, two of my favorites came back from the writer’s strike yesterday.)

But as I was saying, Canseco was on a terrible FOX show, (surprise right?) and the questions that you expected were asked. “Did A-Rod really cheat on your wife?”, “Do you stand by your statement that A-Rod used steroids?”, blah blah blah. Other than coming of like the complete douchebag that we all know and love, he seemed to try to come off as the victim because baseball has “black-balled him”.

Now without all the facts, I don’t want to jump to say that Jose is a liar or anything but seriously anyone that used to be a professional athlete and decides in his/her spare time “hey guess what, I think I’m going to go play in a softball league!” is a douchebag in my book.

Speaking of cheaters, Bill Belichick guest starred on South Park. Well not in the way he probably would’ve liked. I’ve never really been an avid fan of the show but if they continue to make fun of Belichick and the Patriots, I may have to start watching.

“Just before the last Super Bowl, Bill Belichick gathered his football players and said ‘Let’s win this one for real, just this one time. Let’s not cheat.’ You know what happened? They lost.”

By now, I’m sure most of you have seen or heard about the train wreck that was the Brian Kenny-Chad Johnson interview. Well during Dan Le Batard’s radio show, he tries to do his very best impression of the awkwardness in his interview with ESPN’s Jay Bilas. Except this time, it’s entirely the host’s fault. Seriously what the hell kind of question is “What if Tyler Hansbourgh is black? What if Michael Beasley is white?” WTF ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY?!?


3 Responses to “Jose likes softball”

  1. What is it, specifically, that you don’t like about BDSSP?

  2. Actually let’s talk about the only thing I like about Best Damn Sports Show and that is its top 50 segments. (top 50 hits, finishes, etc.) Otherwise it’s pretty much trash. Mind as well call it “the hookup show for guys that played in the pros that really weren’t any good plus chris rose!”. Thank god that it’s getting phased out.

  3. it sux cuz it’s basically the sports version of The View

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